Personal Branding Services for High Pedigree Individuals

from an individual to becoming a valuable brand

Individuals are an enigma waiting to unravel and present themselves for others to learn, benefit from. 

There are numerous examples of an individual becoming such a prominent influence on the masses.This service is oriented towards individuals of a certain pedigree, regardless of their discipline. 


We customize and curate the brand of an individual by studying their persona, expertise, experience, develop followings, markets and in cases needed, the social engagements and work on a perennially expanding sphere of influence within a target demography and geography. 

This is a Goglobal101 expansion and marketing program for individuals that seek to become known for their individual worth and have something to offer to the society or community or to the business world.

An individual can be a politician, business owner, doctor, engineer, scientist, educator, social reformer, just about anyone who is of value and has value to offer.


brand value to revenue growth

The personal branding service is a focused marketing program with tangible goals and linked revenue generation programs.

Approximately 88 - 106 tasks are planned and executed depending on the Go-to-marketing strategy designed for the individual, with abject goals for developing business opportunities and revenue growth.

This can be in the form of donations for a cause or consulting, speaking or consulting fees or a course fee.

The outcome is measured in terms of follower growth, engagement reached, revenue generated, and organic and inorganic channel growths.


defining the legacy for individuals

We get asked this question of individuals being freelancers or standalone operators. We address the question of an individual becoming a marketable force to develop an organization and business that lasts beyond their lifetimes.

There is a substantial number of instances where the individual name became a brand and the brand became a value system and created a generational successions of the professionally managed organizations.

We help the individual focus and achieve their intrinsic goals of developing a legacy that will last beyond their lifetime.


Cross utilization of marketing platforms

Marketing is an integrated marketing effort. It goes beyond what a single platform does and is never focused on internet platforms alone.

For instance, if a person has knowledge and expertise to offer to manufacturing sector, the marketing for the individual will focus on what they need and their need will not be fulfilled from a social media platform but from an Industry Forum which in most cases are offline.

We are talking about the forum circulations. Introducing their expertise to target industries in forum that the maximum concentration of the target demographic is likely to exist.

However, if we are to promote a politician, twitter, facebook becomes vital tools and so does media driven PR campaigns, talk shows, radio shows and such.

An expert can do a podcast and let the podcast generate residual income for content they have developed.


performance linking the individual brand & Revenue growth

We base our success on the growth of our clients and that means we are willing to put our skin in the game.

Our contract models are designed to keep the cost to the bare minimal and success based fee structuring is planned in advance.

We have an innate ability to foresee our deliverable for our customers and peg our fee against that success criteria.