Industry Revival, Modernization, Funding & Marketing Services

value chain re-alignment service

Industrial complexes across the globe are facing a problem of market saturation and in many cases, running a risk of becoming obsolete. 

What do you with such businesses? They usually have

- Strained financial relationship with investors and bankers

- Orders are dwindling and are operating extremely low capacity

- Newer technologies are fast replacing them

- Ability to invest in new product lines and R&D is nearly non-existent?

- ...

These are some of the highlights of industry oriented problems and GoGlobal101 addresses these problems through a series of interconnected activities, people and partnerships.

We look at re-using, shifting, building new capabilities within the existing portfolio base by simply re-aligning product line value chain and at times, helping businesses.


marketing and order booking service

This service is another facet of the value chain realignment component. As such, the shift in focus is advocated or decided against a projected and clearly identified market demand.

Trend projections, market demand assimilations and variety of market analysis, global networks come into play whilst designing supply planning.

Marketing & Order Acquisitions are achieved through our well placed demand identification network and various other global channels.


industry modernization funding

Any industry looking into complete modernization will be challenged with investment sourcing to support the modernization work.

And by modernization, we are talking about complete automation, smart facilities, smart buildings, smart factories and a range of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Vision Technology and Machine Learning based operations governance.

By all means, the return on automation and achievement of autonomous operations is a justified high yield, long term business profitability and potentially an superior edge among competition in the market.

We are able to assist such programs through both technological and financial aids.


joint venture and manufacturing process outsourcing

Cross country strategic partnerships are vital for global economic survival.

Our core base of operations are between US, UK and India and we focus on supply of technology, i.e. transfer of technology, market representation and dealer, distribution networking for manufacturer across the globe.

Going forward with a JV, working through right networks and qualified market opportunities, are all part of our service deliverable.

We work with both the private and government (public) sectors.


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About Us

GoGlobal101 was envisioned in 2008, established in 2013 and was strictly in strategic advisory services. The problem statements addressed were generally about market growth (for companies that have saturated their growth), use of blue ocean strategy and such.

This extended into investor network discovery works and has since become a core part of our service offerings.

We have done 3 monopolies in the market, have worked with and continue to have relations with Gartner, PwC & several other investor networks, institutions. In 2015 we became a funded entity through ex-JP Morgan executives, in 2018 we had an exit. Our focus was on SMB Marketing Cost reduction, we hold a framework for reducing the cost of marketing to just 11% for the same RoI.

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