Reviving Multiple Industries & Achieving Global Competitive Positioning

What makes a business healthy, viable and forever lasting?

The answer would be to make it dynamically evolving for change!

When asked to solve poverty, the answer that every modern research came up with was to provide people with money.

This is an answer acknowledged with the United Nations and several governments, but we are talking about resolving poverty issue, we are talking about reviving a dying industry.

How do you go about ensuring that a industry thrives no matter what the situation is?

This is policy, practice and execution matter.

If one looks to the east and studies the models developed in places like Taiwan, China and South Korea, compares it against the industry models in Middle East and Europe, North America, the most stark differentiation between the East and pretty much the rest of the world is the blue ocean clustering model followed by the Chinese in particular.

Also, they have a very rapid evolution model in place that allows for dynamic shift to be accommodated for response and up gradation in relevance with global demand.

The business is further augumented through effective marketing and adequnate government linked funding.

Plus, everything that is needed to get a finished product in place is taken out from within the cluster itself, there by minimizing the need for external sourcing. This kind of capability is currently unavailable in any other geography except that of China.