Purpose of Your Legacy

Working with some great leaders, we often came across a situation where in the work they are doing will take a quarter of a century to materialize. Some of the leaders may not even be alive when those projects are finished.

Question remains as to why would someone invest so heavily into something they may not even see finished?

The answer is not very complex.

These leaders are building a vision and are working on a legacy that they will leave behind. Individuals with cause and purpose greater than themselves. The very objectives of the everyday work they do is to build something that will better what is available today or tackle a problem that will reach it peak in a few decades and if a solution is not attempted today, then there shall be no solution available at any given time.

This is really nothing new.

Many good governance leaders have gone about setting these programs into play and has been realized as great successes many years later, after they have expired their time on earth.

Depending on who you are...

Your legacy can be planned, worked towards and realized. The common goal is to have a cause greater than yourself. It could be for the society, a company or the family.

Does not matter.

The purpose has to be defined and then and then alone can your legacy be managed.