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Transcendence of Knowledge from an Individual

An expert is an individual who has spent countless hours over a period of years learning about a certain subject and can speak about the subject with absolute authority, thus providing the listeners with an opportunity to learn.

Knowledge without Implementation is Wasted

Translation of knowledge into meaningful action is the only way to benefit from the knowledge gained by the individual.

There is a proverb that goes something like this "The more you share your knowledge, the more it grows"

How can that be?

Our experience in working with various experts of their field is that they left us with more information and knowledge than we previously had, up until that moment we learnt it from them.

Albeit, we have received very similar feedbacks from the subject matter experts as we tend to have given them a challenge or new inquiry about the subject of their interest.

This inquiry furthers their own understanding of the subject and along with their expertise, are able to interpret a problem better and provide meaningful effective solutions.

The application of the solutions translates in to benefits.

Impact of the Individuals Knowledge

When organising the brainstorming between an expert and the problem seekers, we noticed the following results:

  • A problem became better articulated in statements and got broken down into smaller achievable targets

  • One problem become many solutions with multiple roadmaps

  • Directly influence the revenue stream in many cases for individuals or small - medium and large businesses

  • It just helps

Careful examination of what an individual's expertise would mean for a some or many results in the realization of what an knowledge transcendence can be or has been.

Much ado about nothing?

Everything is about the ultimate purpose one serves!

If you have something to offer and people to benefit from it, it best that it is shared. The right audience is the key, without which, any knowledge will go to waste.

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GoGlobal101 was envisioned in 2009, established in 2013 and was strictly in strategic advisory services. The problem statements addressed were generally about market growth (for companies that have saturated their growth), use of blue ocean strategy and such.

This extended into investor network discovery works and has since become a core part of our service offerings.

We have done 3 monopolies in the market, have worked with and continue to have relations with Gartner, PwC & several other investor networks, institutions. In 2015 we became a funded entity through ex-JP Morgan executives, in 2018 we had an exit. Our focus was on SMB Marketing Cost reduction, we hold a framework for reducing the cost of marketing to just 11% for the same RoI.

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