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Business Revival is a comprehensive service. It is decidedly for enterprises that are facing a crisis and are struggling to keep their business alive; however, it is ideal for building a business!

GOGLOBAL101 provides exceptional assistance in navigating the multifaceted complications that arise from running a business. 

By Business we mean!
Everything about a company's operations, from entry to exit

Growing a business is the sum of its operations, from how the business gains customers to how the shareholders get their returns.

This service is ideal for businesses that are stressed and need turnaround specialists!

Business in Decline?

Global geopolitical and technological changes cause industries to suffer nearly irreversible losses. Some products become obsolete or the demand curve drops significantly, causing the product produce redundant and sales to plummet. What do you do when facing such challenges?


Well, that's when we come in.

Heavy hitters are people who turn things around!

They bring experience, influence, and know-how from running vast enterprises with multiple millions, if not billions, in yearly turnover.

Getting them involved is the surest way to revive your business!

Pathways for Reviving Industries

From leveraging asset values to hedging trade options, we examine available assets and convert them into equitable values for business repositioning and revival. 


Based on the size and scope of the business and its product production, revival pathways are identified and proposed. Some of the quickest pathways are to repurpose what is available for a more suitable and in-demand product program.

Identify and present opportunities that are executable and drive work orders for the newly identified product lines.

The initiative manages tooling, industrial/engineer design, and design for manufacturing, as well as additional skills and intelligent component inclusion.

For example, an industrial vacuum manufacturer will be able to provide completely autonomous vacuum machines to the market.


Stressed industries will already have all their financial options tapped out, and any further financial instruments will be unavailable for leverage. We look at possible funding options, including those that do not convert into equity dilutions or debt on the books for our clients.


Getting the right people to manage certain facets of the operation will be half the battle, and finding the right people under the correct terms that satisfy everyone involved is always a challenge. Fortunately, we are up for the challenge and have the right to work with contract models that get the right people involved at the right stage.


With artificial intelligence-enabled products becoming increasingly commonplace items on the market, all future demand seems poised for products that will carry some degree of intelligence within the scope of their functions. We look for such trends and set the customer's account to meet the increase in market demand.


The revival of business is only deemed complete when the business starts functioning at a smooth, consistent level, with positive cash flow, steady business booking, and stabilized risk management that triggers expansion. We will continue to observe and advise until such a stage is reached.

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We architect your vision into reality!

Growth achieved through strategic means, change managed by aligning to market demands, and risk controls are vital elements that make or break a company.

GOGLOBAL101 continues to be a trusted source for company visionaries looking to take the right risks and make the necessary changes to put their businesses on a stable, growth-delivering path. 

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

We build anything new and untested from the ground up, with no background pedigree to show for it;


We bring in the first sales, the first investor, and get you the first of many business-related things.​


We bring accelerated growth to business.

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