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Strategic management is not about knowing what to do before it happens; it's more about the dynamic tactical shift to a situation that makes your business win.

GOGLOBAL101 has been partnering with several businesses and remains one of their most trusted strategic management service providers. 

Know Your Pain Point?

Our service depends on understanding your major pain points. The ever-lurking problems have not gone away and are impacting your ability to grow.

GOGLOBAL101 takes it upon itself to provide a viable solution and also owns the solution's implementation. This is where we become true partners; we accompany you on the journey and collaborate with you to identify steps that will solve the problem one step at a time. 

Solutions You Can Look Forward!

We offer a number of curative solutions, including that of identifying the health of your organisation from within. We provide qualitative data that identifies operational bottlenecks and recommends immediate corrective actions. 

Ensuring Data Driven Decision Making is Possible All Along.


How do you measure the effectiveness of your resources against market performance? When is a KPI the real indicator of performance, and what good is a performance if it does not serve the company's growth agenda?

We investigate normative functions in order to provide clear benchmarked visibility, comparative capability, and capacity-driven performance metrics.

The scorecards will leave no room for error and will be functionally managed within the operational teams. 

Results will be measurable and influential for short- and long term decisions that drive growth.


Problem identification and performance benchmarking must be followed through a clear, maintainable process that is continuously improved upon and the metrics of measurement continually updated. A well-maintained process management system will not just reduce operating expenses but also boost the company's top line.


With today's technology, particularly around data lakes and business intelligence, it is critical that organisations incorporate analytics into their routine operations management. We recommend and implement analytics for various processes, including sourcing, marketing, sales, and operations.


Either adopting a new technology, product, solution, or solution provider or simply migrating into a new technology service, several components need to be analyzed. We help with such analysis and provide vital data-driven inputs to support business decisions.


Answering to the shareholders is a statement all too often used and can keep the business leadership busy, impacting decisions like no other. With the help of our services, this can be well regulated and targets met with relative ease or substantiated with the right, relevant data-driven performance track.

Image by Michael Dziedzic

We help manage the complexities of running a business

Sometimes an outsider looking into your operation with a detached passion is all it takes to provide the right visibility to old operational problems. We provide a spectrum of assessments that bring out the best in your organization, along with the negatives.

Reach out to us.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

We build anything new and untested from the ground up, with no background pedigree to show for it;


We bring in the first sales, the first investor, and get you the first of many business-related things.​


We bring accelerated growth to business.

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