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Shatter the perception of marketing being difficult and costly exercise.

GOGLOBAl101 delivers rapid RoI on Marketing investments through its unique 6x6 Week Framework for penetrating any new markets.

Blue Ocean is a integral part of our Go-to-Marketing Services

We plan, prepare, and position, identify the route to market, and develop market messaging propositions that are fundamentally unique for market engagement, making competition irrelevant.

Our Approach Towards Getting The Market to Notice & Respond to Your Product / Services


Market penetration strategies can have many variables depending on the size of your "army." How you'd approach a market will vary based on your resource availability, and no one size fits all; it has to be very unique and sensitive to the market you're approaching.

While studies are available to understand market gaps, competitors, and market size and share, we focus on one simple goal: to penetrate or acquire the first set of customers who will carry your banner for the rest of the market to see and line up to be served.

Doing the first sale!


That's our goal, and we have gorilla methods to deploy.


How do you find your "blue ocean," where the market has no competition for what you do or you're so unique that your business is promoted by your customers and your competitors want to be your partners?


Messaging is a collective term we use for pitch, promotion, route to marketing, and delivery channels. The decisions on what message goes out and from where and how it gets delivered are vital for the success of a campaign, and we are extremely good at that.


It is possible to generate a predictable, captive business model from a very unorganised market, and it is achieved through the right kind of contracting served up as a service package. We treat this with the greatest significance in our business approach for our clients.


In simple terms, the competition should not matter; no matter what they do, you will always maintain the market edge. All plans must carry this as a building block, the very foundation of the plan and execution.

Digital Pathways for Precision Targeting & Positioning

We use a custom methodology called the "6x6 Approach,"  a method of getting results within the first six weeks of engagement that is completely digital but should not be confused with digital marketing, though it is part of the approach.

Our Approach Guarantees 
Results in the First 6 weeks of Engagement


Efficient, Direct, and Predictable—three words rarely used in marketing as key deliverables Marketing is a pseudoscience and will always remain so; we just have found a way to spray and not have to pray.

We also are very cognizant of what we propose, and if failure is inevitable, we would rather fail quickly and not waste our customers' time, money, and efforts. Our plan includes a successive set of quick churns that either produce success or fail or are entirely eliminated from the go-to-market approach.

This is pure performance marketing with the ability to deliver results quickly. 


Analytics is an integral part of our marketing and go-to-market operations. It helps identify what is not working and helps better regulate what is working with optimised expenditure.


We believe that we should be able to anticipate an outcome, and as difficult as it can be and as non-conforming as the process is, some of the results should be tangible, and this belief is what sets us apart from any other organisation in a similar line of work.

Become impactful through careful social embedding

This type of service is ideal for business-to-consumer companies that conduct a high volume of transactions and stand to gain from socially embedding their products and sources of revenue.

Becoming Too Big to Fail is Only Possible When Society Deems you Essential!


Not all businesses become too big; however, nearly any business can become an essential business, and social embedding will be a key process for ensuring that your business will never go out of demand.

Several businesses, including weapons manufacturers, have done this successfully and continue to reap the benefits of such social engineering.

It helps to sell better, retain customers, and become akin to a movement that is passionately protected by the public and special interest groups.


The process of building an identity through which the public perception is channelled without the involvement of the firm brand is referred to as brand-less identity development or astroturfing. We have done this a few times. 


bringing industry-wide influence to bear in order to compel policy changes that are favourable to the business growth by connecting with the appropriate people across all levels of bureaucratic machinery.

Tame the market with absolute established authority

We bring together the full force of marketing-derived approaches to ensure your presence is felt in the "right" customer segments. A unique service aimed at "One Person Army," a subject matter expert, a coach, a domain expert, the lone wolf, we bring together the full force of marketing-derived approaches to ensure your presence is felt in the "right" customer segments. 

How Authority is Established and Communicated to Wider, Target Market?


It always works when we are able to breakdown your expertise and domain authority into problems you solve and solutions you bring to your customers.

a simple, proven methodology for breaking your capabilities into a manageable set of simple keywords.

keywords that include both problem and solution wordings, then it is just a matter of finding your audience, or rather, having them find you. We use social media extensively to make this happen.


As a single person with high impact domain knowledge, you will have to compete with giants and large organisations that do this on a much larger scale, but this will also be your advantage. 


If a precursor is to get you featured in the right place, then the immediate follow-through is to achieve maximum impact.


The most efficient method of authority establishment is to conduct self-branded workshops and road shows. We work with you to achieve your desired reach and revenue. 


Since volume will not be your main advantage, we need to maximise the value of your work and manage the perception, however few your accolades might be.

Capitalize the Media Reach with Strategic Sourcing

Did you know that media marketing is more of a marketing operation than it is a procurement function, and that it is tied to predictable result features such as walk-ins?


Through advertising in the mass media, you can get precise and premium client targeting. We just help you plan and acquire the right channels that get results.


If the value of placement is not dictated by the cost of the advertisement but by its results in sheer volumes and quality, would you consider low-cost advertisements to be high-value placements?

This is the case we are arguing for: you do not need to spend a lot to get high value in terms of placements and results.


Get in front of the biggest crowds and maximise visibility; use any and all options available with an agenda, focus, and objective.


Have influencers and brand ambassadors for your products and services, make them say exactly what it is that you want the market to think about your company and its service. Build and leverage trust.


Be very precise in where you want to market, be hyper local with your targeting. 


Sweep the market with offers and maximize your sales through well planned and curated set of deals. Spread the word through multiple channels and increase your reach via inorganic means.


Get your press releases, expert opinions on your product, service, or business, or all of them, published on news and trusted media sources. 


Got big budgets and want to go big, as big as your budget would allow and run outdoor campaigns with hyper simplified messages, we get it done for you.

There are over 300 channels of Media Advertisement Options Available with us.

Artificial Intelligence can be really smart when it comes to Marketing!

AI has been around for many decades, it has now become accessible for every small business that seeks to save efforts and optimize its operations. Marketing especially has significant use of AI within its core, right from being able to develop messages to manage customer interactions.

Automation in Marketing is Inevitable and Important to Adapt for Businesses!


Let's say you have many verticals, i.e., products and services, and your customer support needs to align with market messaging, ongoing campaign offers, and sales team commitments, and your support team cannot be educated on routines quickly, causing a slowdown in services or a breakdown in service delivery, and you will be using some kind of automated tool that learns quickly and spends less time understanding than any human.


That is where AI will be, and in many cases, it has already reached it.


When a set of algorithms knows your customer better than your personnel team and you need it that way, the use of intelligent systems for governing and nurturing prospects just adds efficiency to sales process management.


Hiring creative copywriters and designers that come up with works of art is already being done in a comparatively better and more efficient manner by various affordable AI tools; we help incorporate them into your operations.


Process automation: define the process and let the tool handle it; send out messages; organise and assign weightage to customer prospects; and much more, depending on your process. 


With multi-channel marketing comes the problem of consolidating all inbound and relevant conversations surrounding your brand. Having an intelligence- and governance-friendly communication solution helps ease the process significantly.


You can now predict what your customer reviews are saying without having to read through hundreds of messages from multiple channels. We can do sentiment analysis using customer reviews faster and more efficiently, helping to bring about positive changes to your service dynamics.


What's the use of AI if it cannot do complex analysis of why customers are leaving and what can be done by changing which aspect of your service offering? Yes, we can do scenario analysis, and it will help predict the potential for customer churn with a significant degree of accuracy.

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89% Reduction in Cost of Marketing

GOGLOBAL101 has achieved upto 89% reduction in marketing spend and has delivered the same Return on Investment with much faster rate of returns.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

We build anything new and untested from the ground up, with no background pedigree to show for it;


We bring in the first sales, the first investor, and get you the first of many business-related things.​


We bring accelerated growth to business.

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