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Process Optimization is a multi-functional implementation for any business.

From building software to maintaining the knowledge base, managing vendors, and figuring out the right estimates for your bids, GOGLOBAL101 helps optimize.

Process Re-Engineering to Benefit The Company Bottom Line!

What does your company do that is right but is still not working the way it should? We help take a deeper look and curate the remedy for it as part of our Process Optimization Service.

Functioning Smoothly Requires Continuous 

From building a software to maintaining the knowledge base, managing vendors to figuring out the right estimates for your bids, we help optimize.


How do you build the software right the very first time? is the very reason software development lifecycle processes came into existence. IEEE has introduced several standards over the years, but Agile Governance has become the most widely used model worldwide and continues to be the best model for software build governance used by businesses worldwide.

That and the Scrum methodology for product development We help organisations adapt standards such as IEEE 12207 and CMMI L5 seamlessly.


Retaining knowledge is not just a challenge; it's a struggle. This is felt across the organization, starting at the administrative level and going into finance, accounting, procurement, production, technology, product governance, customer account management, etc. The list is exhaustive, as is the need for proper governance models.


GOGLOBAL101 provides the means and tools to retain knowledge using nearly real-time data footprint methodologies.


Practices for selection and governance of a vendor are unique and often require a collaborative approach in any organization, with the challenges faced being related to the nature and demands of the business vertical the organisation is involved in. smoothing out the vendor relationship process.

GOGLOBAL101 approaches the processes from an effort and cost reduction perspective and often proposes value-based engagement, where a percentage of the savings achieved is what is billed.


Marketing performance has a direct impact on sales performance, and both processes have enough nitty gritty details to warrant a complex organization-wide process adoption. We have come across marketing teams delivering higher volumes of leads at the cost of quality leads, and we have addressed poorly managed sales operations wasting high-quality leads.

GOGLOBAL101 promises and delivers quality governance that ensure top quality leads and best performing sales.


It is a unique and common problem for software services organisations to have projects run beyond estimated efforts and timelines, frustrating both customers and management alike.

GOGLOBAL101 streamlines the estimation process for the best outcome and expectation management, delivering higher service retention, faster sales, and a quality relationship between accounts and customers.


The documentation process governs a multitude of documents that are maintained within the organization. This includes programme management, proposal templates, case study documents, knowledge retention formats, and reporting formats.


Operation Expenditure cost reduction could result in a significant improvement in the profit margins of a business, and it requires an organisation-wide cost review. Everything from software licences to employee perks is being scrutinized, and the company proposes to cut costs in order to improve bottom-line margins by 28-30%, resulting in a significant increase in operating profit. 

Building Intelligence

We are firm believers in data-driven decision-making. Every process we implement demands a qualitative review and is never left to opinions and "expert" recommendations. All advice must be backed by data, and data in turn must produce the necessary intelligence.

Achieving Organization Wide Business Intelligence via Process, People & Technology.

It is pivotal that organisations remain at their peak performance, and data-driven intelligence, scorecards, and dashboards allow that to happen. It makes it possible to map the organization's performance to global market performance trends, predict and plan performance goals, optimise spending, and reduce losses.

GOGLOBAL101 works with businesses to identify and implement key data and function points to capture, organise the data into measurable metrics, and generate meaningful reports that deliver much-needed intelligence with minimal training and learning curves for business users.

Image by Mathew Schwartz

Continuous Process Improvement

Patterns emerge when enough data is made available and adapted based on what the data indicates is reflective of a well-run organization. We always recommend continuous process monitoring and revision to remain true to our recommendations.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

We build anything new and untested from the ground up, with no background pedigree to show for it;


We bring in the first sales, the first investor, and get you the first of many business-related things.​


We bring accelerated growth to business.

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