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Fundraising is about as smooth as a tightrope walk!

From helping innovators find Seed Funding to operating finance from various investor groups, ​GOGLOBAL101 provides the necessary components of making the right pitch, with realistic calculations that are also strategic, attractive, and achievable.

Let's Start with the Pitch Development

We help you communicate your ideas in the most simplistic terms possible, so that even a five-year-old can understand what your brilliant idea is about. ​

Everything goes from there!

Getting ready for funding!


We go through this exercise where every number proposed is justified, but the justification is based on what it achieves rather than why it is proposed.

The process helps bring out a very sensible outlook on the plan and makes for a "question-free" plan that has factored in all possible aspects of a business plan. This exercise has become a creature of habit with us, and any investors we have ever met and businesses whom we have introduced have come to expect it from us.


Thinking through all possibilities sounds tedious, but it is very important for risk governance, and investment is all about taking risks.


How do you persuade or entice someone to consider your idea in an elevator ride that lasts only a few seconds or, in some lucky cases, a few minutes? We look at your idea and deliver the most comprehensive pitch in the fewest number of words.


What happens when someone says, "Send me more information"? One, you cannot send out a full deck with all the strategic information, research, and plans; however, you cannot just afford to send it out, so we prepare a teaser deck that says enough, not just the detailed deck.


Any number proposed is not only justified but also backed with research, market trends, and supportive information that stand detailed scrutiny, investor due diligence, and an advisory review.


What will the investor get, when will they get it, and why will you be able to deliver it? These are some of the fundamental parts of the proposal that are captured within the deck we prepare for you.

We make the proposal a winning proposal.

Image by David Marcu

Getting funded is just the start of the journey or a milestone.

It is always advised by us to plan for a scenario of no investor funding and build the organisation from the ground up, plan for funding, and not lose focus on running the operations. The goal is to build the business; that's best done by serving customers, not by finding investors. In fact, investors find you when you're running an aggressively growing business.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

We build anything new and untested from the ground up, with no background pedigree to show for it;


We bring in the first sales, the first investor, and get you the first of many business-related things.​


We bring accelerated growth to business.

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