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GOGLOBAl101 has been working with clients operating in the manufacturing, advanced applied technologies, Beyond IT and IT centric businesses.

We simply have not come across a client or industry that does not consume technology!

Ranging from IT and ITeS businesses that are our major share of customers, we have manufacturing and healthcare sector, retail business clients that consume technology extensively for doing and succeeding in business. GOGLOBAL101 has incorporated technology oriented services as part of business growth services.

Advanced Applied Technologies

We have marketed and promoted products from Internet of Technologies to Vision Technology to business purpose specific software, we have comprehensive use of advanced technologies, including Augmented Analytics to drive better business performance.

Driving Business for Technology Driven Businesses

Regardless of the sector, our focus has been on finding out the right customer, investor and strategic partner that could influence the growth of our customer.  We find that adding a bit of SMART capabilities into the offerings makes the customer stand out better and find better demand from the market, as long as it is front of the right kind of customers.

A right customer by definition is someone who has the capital to invest in the products and services, has the time to share the requirements and provide feedback on solutions, has enough bandwidth to review the solution gaps and is responsive towards solution implementation.

Below are some of the types of solutions that are either industry agnostic or business process specific that we have promoted to the market.

Operating Technologies

Intelligent Building Monitoring Solutions, Manufacturing Process Management Solutions, Process and Compliance Tracking Solutions, all of them have in common an Internet of Things, Vision Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics.

Enterprise Governance on Realtime Basis

These solutions have an unique ability to drive decision on realtime basis, making them extremely useful for preventing losses that otherwise occur from delay in information relay.

With process tracking, it creates a huge data lake that needs to be understood and report generated for decision driving. This is accomplished through complex set of  Data Science based algorithms, machine learning, ai and analytical dashboards that can detect, deter and predict depending upon the process being monitored.

These solutions have been applied to customers from Food Processing, Manufacturing, Retail industries to mention a few.

Agro & Commodity Trading

From smart agro clusters to dynamic warehousing, indexing and trading facilitation through Blockchain technologies, we have been helping customers build their vision and get them to the market across international markets.

Value realization of a asset is crucial for stakeholders and we base our approach on "Value First"

Solutions that are emerging the market, look at providing trust, transparency and economic advantage to its end users. Our customers have found the idea and are now building the solutions that govern and provide realistic solutions to age old problems, with least intrusive business models.

Several times, there are overlap in problems being addressed or technologies being used, however 100% of them are complementary to each other. For instance, a customer that has built solutions around Vision Technology has the capability to count the produce, measure the soil composition, another has the ability to track warehousing and another has the warehouse inventory to value conversion capability; thus creating a chain of solutions around Agro and Commodity trading.

Manufacturing Industries

From finding investors to finding customers, to getting succession process done right, we have been navigating the manufacturing sector with utmost interest and obsession for the past half a decade.

Services entails Fundraising, Business Revival and SMART Facilities Introduction

From find working capital solutions to converting stock to value propositions and curating SMART product manufacturing, cluster program engagement, we have been covering a wide variety of Manufacturing Industry requirements.

With defence and security programs to healthcare automation products, the range of engagement has been extensive to say the least and the list keeps on expanding as we continue to engage with the market.


From digital transformation to business integration with multiple services associated with healthcare sector, we have navigated some of the most vital components of healthcare service markets and that includes fundraising, products and services rollout, strategic partnership formulation.

Healthcare made accessible through digital means.

We have worked with "miracle workers" and help capture their knowledge in perpetuity, we have helped streamline to business interaction lifecycle with customers and worked on fundraising infrastructure documents for the healthcare industry, identified and presented the opportunities to investors and help rollout the services to newer markets, acquire new customers and partners alike.

Healthcare industry offers wide range of opportunities and investment interests from various groups and the range of impact varies between critical care to generic supplements. This industry is full of surprises and learnings.

Retail & e-Commerce

From going viral to embedding social programs into retail and commerce, we have done a range of services for the industry. We connected various vendors and have provided B2B and B2C integration to manufacturers. Retail & eCommerce is one of the most rewarding industries in any season.

B2B2C, Hyper Local Retail, Dynamic Bill Discounting, Loyalty Programs

There is no shortage of interesting ideas or products that are retailed through ecommerce in the market, however eCommerce on its own offers some of the most unique challenges and ideas that we have ever come across.

From hybrid retail concepts to synergistic B2B markets, to complex loyalty and reward programs to drive sales, this is one industry that will never run out its creative output to sell everything that has been made, thus making it the most interesting industry to work with.

Software, Mobile App

Though a highly competitive market, the demand for quality and high margin payout for top, in-demand skills has been keeping the software industry climbing upwards with no limit. Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence within the software services and chat bots within Mobile apps have had tremendous impact on the industry as a whole.

Differentiating in Software Services is Critical for Attracting Customers

No two software businesses are the same, we can confidently state this from a decade long experience of promoting  IT and ITeS businesses. 

The differentiation happens from technology, programming languages, market focus, solution verticals, team prowess, capacity and many such factors. Over a period of time, nearly all of our IT Industry customers have pivoted in to Software as a Service products, providing us with a never ending set of challenges to finding funds, first customers.

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Investment Banking & Finance Industry

Fintech, Investment Banking, Banking as such are some of our primary business partners and we have what is defined as "General Business Relationships"; this includes the Big Four consulting firms, some of the largest banks in the country and a few startups.

Finding Investors to Aligning Financial Instruments for Business

"Thundering Herd" was a term used to define investors of high networth, we were tasked with finding and bringing forth the thundering herd and we continue to do the service as the demand for investors has been never ending.

From forming relationship with Angel networks to independent high networth individuals to bankers doing similar work and working with financial institutions using technology as the forefront for conducting business, we have had the longest, unbroken run with the financial sector.

GOGLOBAL101 is an Industry Agnostic Service Provider!

As strategic deal makers, we always work with more than one industry player within the same deal structures. This makes our services, by design and by definition an industry agnostic service.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

We build anything new and untested from the ground up, with no background pedigree to show for it;


We bring in the first sales, the first investor, and get you the first of many business-related things.​


We bring accelerated growth to business.

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