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How we ensure that we can commit to a minimum number of leads for a fixed budgets!

How we identified key attributes for prospecting.


Most marketing companies will not risk committing to qualified leads on fixed budgets, but we do and have a method to this madness. We are not shy about sharing the method and often encourage our clients to work with us on ensuring that they do not bleed money.


Everytime we deal with a new customer, there is the natural apprehension about the risk of service delivery and to be honest, no marketing company would like to commit to an outcome, considering that the marketing is basically a pseudoscience and marketing methods, policies and processes keep on evolving.


Marketing unfortunately remains a costly exercise and having at least 2-3 months worth of marketing budget available and strong delivery process to generate revenue and resupply marketing funds is critical to growing companies. This is not a challenge for well established, well funded companies.


Market behaviour is seasonal in nature and it is not a new observation, however, the messaging formats, design templates follow a pattern of color themes and verbatims that many marketers mimic, this presents a challenge and also sets up expectations from the market. Being aware such elements makes the difference between attracting quality leads and no leads.


We do a pilot run on controlled markets with various messaging formats and experiments, till we hit consistent, quick success with qualifications on lead quality. This is a measure of number of leads generated at what cost and in those leads, how many are having quality. This allows for fairly accurate estimation on cost required to achieve a minimum quality of leads.


We look at failing quickly and succeeding long term, this is a mechanized approach for all our lead generation operations. As a rule, we do not believe in using existing market base or customer data to identify approach for new clients. As each client is unique and each time, market behavior does change.


Owing to overwhelming demand for IT services marketing to international markets, we are now able to identify the costs, the methods, the routes that will ensure successful lead delivery, benchmark the budget and provide consistent, quality delivery.


A minimum time frame of 6 weeks and a budget of US $10,000 per month could be needed for markets such as US, Canada; however this can be highly optimized.


We create the copy, creatives, communications channels and often times implement the CRM systems to be able to log and qualify leads. This mechanism is rapid enough to go live within days and either generate rapid wins or quick failures, so that the initial market experimentation time is largely reduced.


We are able to predict and deliver quality leads with consistent spend and consistent quality, this of course is a process of continuous optimization and requires steady market analysis.


We like to believe that the market is constantly teaching us marketers about what is demand, essentially being able to isolate and identify such demand trends helps improve the positioning, evolve business models of the company.


A measurable outcome on fixed budget is available for clients to plan and project their business growth.

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